Taking Flight

This is where the adventure begins ... leave your worries behind you and let the magic and majesty of Africa feed your soul with joy ... 

Helicopter or Magic Carpet?

A helicopter safari in Kenya (and beyond) is the wild, free-wheeling thrill you've been searching for.

Looking for something remote and beautiful beyond your typical game drive?

Thrilling helicopter safaris through the most remote reaches of Africa - accessing secluded & unsung landscapes - these are gems not to be missed. 

The fairy tale ride is a beautiful thing in itself, but then the enchantment continues. The helicopter IS the magic carpet that delivers you cool and unruffled to:

Wherever you want to Be: 

Cliff Edge, Sand Dune, Mountain Lake, Volcano, Game Reserve, Waterfall, Mighty River - Ocean Shore

Whatever you want to Experience: 

Nomadic Tribes, The Great Migration, A Mountain Gorilla, Exquisite Food, Endless Views - Your toes in the Sand

Wherever you want to Stay: 

Luxury Lodge, Fly Camp, Climbing Hut, Luxurious Tent, Beach House - Under the Stars

Whatever you want to Do:

Watch Giraffe from the back of a Horse, Ride Quad Bikes through the Wilderness, Walk with Camels far from roads, Climb a Mountain - Nothing at all!

Contact Humphrey (humphrey@humphreycartersafaris.com) and we can help you create your very own fairy tale trip

The Incredible Beauty of Flight

 Just a few minutes from Nairobi and look how glorious the world is! 

This impromtu video was shot by Macbundi of the Kenya Red Cross  from the seat beside me when we were on our way back from delivering  emergency aid in northern Kenya with KIDL Helicopters for the Airbus  Foundation. 

What a beautiful place Kenya is, and how lucky we are to see her from the air. 


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