The Beginning

Peter Silvester of Royal African Safaris and Humphrey, pioneered the helicopter safari in Kenya and East Africa in the late 1990s. 

Humphrey set up Lady Lori Kenya Ltd, with the help of owner and investor, Jim Denooyer and his wife Lori (hence the name!). It started out as a company to promote and support the conservation initiative, Loisaba Wilderness, which Peter, Jim, Lori and others invested so much of their lives to establish. 

With  Jim's generosity, Peter's imagination, and Humphrey's curiosity, it became a thriving and successful business of its own, whilst still supporting and promoting Loisaba.

Peter and Humphrey created tailor-made adventures in the wild and vast landscapes of northern Kenya, following the most scenic routes and touching down spontaneously to take in magnificent views.

Humphrey's safaris have always combined a feeling of freedom with the joy of flight. They unveil the geographical wonders of nature, whilst creating a truly amazing and unforgettable experience.

Humph, Pete & Jim below:

Humphrey's Education

Humphrey was educated at Stowe School in England and the The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He gained a commission in the Irish Guards and for 4 years flew helicopters on operations as a pilot in the Army Air Corps.

Humphrey's History

His experience over the last 20 years in East Africa includes working with some of the most renowned conservation and aviation companies in Africa:

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Singita Grumeti Reserves & The Grumeti Fund
Save the Elephant
Big Life
The Mara Elephant Project
Loisaba Wilderness & Lady Lori Helicopters
KIDL Helicopters

Heather Stewart - "All Weather Heather"

I had the very great privilege of working for one of the most courageous, flamboyant and inspiring personalities in African Aviation - the indomitable Heather Stewart. 

Filming, Aerial Photography & Interesting People

Humphrey Carter has flown helicopters filming numerous wildlife documentaries including the BBC Planet Earth series, National Geographic productions and he's filmed from the air with Alan Root (the world-renowned, multi award-winning, wildlife film maker - see Humphrey's Testimonials).  

He has helped make movies such as "I Dreamed of Africa", "Tomb Raider", "The Constant Gardener" and Academy Award winning German film "Nowhere in Africa".

These sensationally beautiful, engaging documentaries and the magnificent cinematography featured on the "silver screen", have undeniably raised global awareness of the true loveliness and fragility of this unique and glorious continent.

Humphrey has flown award-winning photographers Richard du Toit, Robert B Haas & Michael Poliza and thus been part of the creation of wonderful, influential books such as "Through the Eyes of the Gods" by Robert B Haas, published by National Geographic and "Africa" the magnificent large format (13lb) masterpiece by Michael Poliza.

He has had the privilege of flying in the service of some extraordinary and fascinating visitors to Africa - including Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, film stars Robin Williams, Gillian Anderson & Kristin Davis, war photographer Don McCullin and members of the Rolling Stones. 

Humphrey Carter's Philosophy

Humphrey Carter believes that once people feel the magnetic pull of this magical land, the true "cradle of mankind" ... Once they see the beauty of her harsh, dramatic landscapes and watch the graceful, movements of her incomparable creatures ... Once they experience the charm and warmth of her noble people ... they will forever hold her in their hearts and seek to cherish and protect her.  

Humphrey is happiest taking care of people and showing them the Africa he loves by creating imaginative helicopter journeys tailored for you.  What a joyful thing to introduce visitors to some of  the truly magnificent and priceless places this continent has to offer. 

As a helicopter pilot who loves Africa, it is a great source of happiness to know that some of his clients now rank amongst the most generous contributors to wildlife conservation in  the world. Philanthropists who have transformed and protected places such as Grumeti  Reserves, large parts of Laikipia, Tsavo, and the Northern Rangelands of Kenya.

Flying for Aid

It was a great privilege to be part of the relief operation taking vital supplies to the displaced people of Iresoboru area during the  terrible flooding at the end of last year. 

All roads to Iresoboru were completely impassable, the land for miles around was a  swamp and their houses were flooded and uninhabitable. 

The Kenya  Red Cross initiative, funded by the Airbus Foundation, utilized 3  powerful Airbus helicopters provided by KIDL Helicopters of Nairobi. 

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